Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh, one of the greatest artists of all times, has created all masterpieces last five years of a life. It worked as afflicted until madness definitively has not seized it and it has committed suicide.

Today Vincent van Gogh's pictures stand the whole conditions, however he managed to sell only one (the vineyard image in Arle) for four hundred francs shortly before the death in 1890

Living in penury, it found happiness in painting, giving vent to the soul on a canvas. Vincent van Gogh was influenced by some artists, including Edward Manet, Ogjust Renoir and Kamil Pissaro who have rejected a fashion of that time to draw models in stuffy studio and took out the easels on an open-air to embody a life such as it is. Other artists sneered at them and named them "шьяЁхёёшюэшё=рьш" (from fr. "impression" - impression). Bright and large dabs with which they wrote the cloths, gave to their works sensation of movement and a life.

Van Gogh has gone further away. He gave more attention to transfer of feelings, rather than exact copying of forms. Many years after it name "яюё=-шьяЁхёёшюэшё=юь" as it has appeared after impressionists, together with other artists creating at the same time: Paul Gauguin, the Field Cezanne, George Sera and Edgarom Degas.

the life Beginning

Vincent van Gogh was born on March, 23rd, 1853 in Grot Zundert small Dutch small town. Vincent's father was the Protestant priest, and mother occurred from a family of artists and dealers works of art.

When to it it was executed sixteen years, it has found to it its first work at the brother trading in works of art in the Hague, and in 1874 van Gogh have translated to London. He has fallen in love with the daughter of the room mistress and has thrown work. It have dismissed and have sent home. Van Gogh has returned to England in 1876 as the collector of payments for one of the London schools. Poverty reigning in the people so has shaken it that he has refused to raise any payments and again it has appeared without work.

Vincent has again come back home, this time to become full of determination the priest, as the father. However study has seemed to it too difficult, and it became the Christian worker among poor men. In 1878 work has thrown it in coal-mining area of Belgium, Borinazh. He has steeped in work, has distributed all property and has lodged in a pity hovel on the same level with the wards. Having terrified by it, employers have dismissed it in 1880.

the Important decision

In 1885 van Gogh has gone to Paris. Even during the first arrival about dinnadtsatju with years before it the very first exhibition of works of impressionists has amazed. These interesting and original works have touched strunku in a shower van Gogh to whom then there was only twenty one year, and now he wished to be closer to the heroes. He has lodged on Montmartre with the brother Teo who paid their residing.

The Impressionism as a direction in painting and has not received the big recognition of public, and some artists have left Paris. However those who remained, was enough to inspire van Gogh and a growing circle of its colleagues-artists where entered Cezanne, Toulouse-Lotrek and Sulfur. Especially closely it has made friends with Paul Gauguin sharing its opinion that the picture should reflect internal feelings.

madness Attacks

Van Gogh was badly entered in the validity surrounding it, it is a lot of saws and suffered frequent and uncontrollable fits of anger. It has given in to a new fashion on the Japanese art and has decided that to it it will be better in conditions more reminding Japan, than close small streets of Montmartre. For van Gogh it meant the south of France, and in 1888 it has moved in Arl, near to Marseilles.

Van Gogh has started to think of basing a colony of artists, and has persuaded Gauguin to join it. Gauguin has arrived in October, 1888, but artists have quarrelled almost at once. Gauguin considered van Gogh slovenly and quick-tempered, and van Gogh has found the companion too haughty.

the Madman

On the eve of Christmas of their disagreement have poured out in rough quarrel. Van Gogh has splashed in Gauguin contents of the glass and has attacked it with the razor. Gauguin in horror has escaped, and van Gogh in an attack of the semimadness which have captured it cut off to itself an ear part.

Now he understood, how is close to madness. In May, 1889 it on own will has laid down in a psychiatric clinic in the Dignity-remi. During the periods of calm it was authorised to draw, and for about a year it was possible to finish two hundred cloths. Local residents named its madman and openly laughed at it. Finally its patience has burst, and he has left the south of France. In the beginning of 1890 van Gogh has lodged in the northwest from Paris, in the small town Overe which was popular among artists. It has occupied rooms over cafe and has buried itself in work, for seventy days having written seventy pictures.

the Deadly shot

Such explosion of activity could not last long. On Sunday on July, 27th, 1890 van Gogh has left the house and has shot to itself at a breast. He has managed to reach the apartment where has lain all night long, smoking a tube. At o'clock in the morning on Tuesday the artist has died from wounds. To it was only 37 years. He has died in uncertainty. Today it consider as one of the greatest masters of XIX century.