William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare - greatest of English-speaking writers. Each new generation finds the, undercover sense in a treasury of its plays and poems.

Shakespeare created throughout twenty years, with 1592 for 1612, at the time of board of two monarchs, - Elizabeths I (1558-1603) and Jacob I (1603-25). For this period Shakespeare has written two big poems, a cycle of the interconnected sonnets - the rhymed poems consisting of 14 lines on ten syllables in each - and 37 plays. William Shakespeare christened in parish church of small town Stratford-on-Avon in a county of Uorvikshir on April, 26th, 1564, - i.e., Most likely, he was born in the afternoon or two earlier. His father John Shakespeare succeeding perchatochnik, has been selected bejlifom (mayor) of a city soon after William's birth. However, since 1576, he began to be pressed for money, and, probably, for capable William's this reason have not sent to study in university. However, the analysis of creativity of Shakespeare shows that it has received sound school education - most likely, in native Stratford.

In 1582 Shakespeare, only 18 years old, marries Anna Getauej, for 8 years is more senior itself and already waiting for the baby. In total in a family Shekspirov two daughters, Susanna and Judif, and son Hamlet who has died when he was 11 years old were born.

the Actor and the playwright

Next time Shakespeare's name is mentioned in 1592: it is successful, works in London where put its plays about Henry VI, and colleague Robert Green in a sharp lampoon enviously calls its shouter and the upstart. The reason of sneers that Shakespeare has not received a university education, and is a lot of snobs after Green throughout centuries believed that Shakespeare was only presented "фш=  яЁшЁюф№" - or that it did not exist at all, and under this name someone disappeared outstanding, for example, the well-known philosopher and writer Francis Bacon, ostensibly playing about the composition of plays at leisure!

In 1593-94 because of epidemic the London theatres were closed, and Shakespeare has passed to lyrical poetry in what it was encouraged with its friend of columns Southampton. When epidemic has ended, Shakespeare for some years has joined other theatrical company - "Рыѕурь ыюЁфр-ърьхЁухЁр". With them he played and for them wrote plays, basically historical chronicles and comedies, though outstanding tragedy "рюьхю and -цѕыіх==р" also it is necessary for this period.

Many of its early products, and in particular "-¦сюті¦ for ы¦сюті" and "Рюэ in summer эюёі" breathe a youth and freshness, and their syllable and rhymes are surprisingly melodious. Other plays of those years - for example, "-хэхчшрэёъшщ ъѕяхч" - as if anticipate gloomy comedies of later period of creativity. (After all the comedy not necessarily should be ridiculous - simply its end should be happy, instead of sad).

Somewhere during the same time Shakespeare finishes work on two plays about Henry's IV epoch in which its most ridiculous character - the liar and fat man Falstaf appears. Misadventures of this picturesque figure so have amused Elizabeth that it has requested one more play about Falstafe, and Shakespeare has rather soon presented to the queen of the "-шэфчюЁёъш§ яЁюърчэшч".

William Shakespeare's Financial success

In 1599 the troupe has got over on other coast of Thames, in theatre "+ыюсѕё" the tenth share in which belonged to Shakespeare. To be the shareholder of the successful enterprise it has appeared more profitable, than to write plays, for each of which the author needed only 6 pounds. In 1603 Elizabeth I has died, and on a throne there has ascended king Jacob I. The troupe favourite by it has been immediately renamed in "-юЁюыхтёъш§ ёыѕу" also it was often called with performances to a court yard. By this time Shakespeare has grown rich and began to buy up in a native city the real estate. Thus he wrote the greatest, shaking I smother tragedies -"+рьых=" "+=хыыю" "-юЁюыі -шЁ" "¦ръсх=" and "+э=юэшщ and -ыхюяр=Ёр".

In the tragedies Shakespeare has achieved unknown brightness of a poetic diction and unsurpassed freedom of the reference with a blank verse. These qualities were even more brightly showed in its last creations which tragical moods almost have left: and "Гшьэ   ёърчър" and "…ѕЁ " come to an end on the note of reconciliation logically finishing creativity of the great playwright.

Approximately in 1610 Shakespeare has left from affairs. In rest and a prosperity it has spent the remained years of a life in native Stratford though first, throughout two-three years, constantly held communication with the theatre in capital. On April, 23rd, 1616 (it is possible, in day of the 52 anniversary) he has died, without having revealed a particular interest to destiny of the plays. Fortunately, all of them have been collected and published by two actors of Shakespearean theatre, Gemindzhem and Kondellom. The collection opened Ben Johnson's which has told the poem that Shakespeare - "яюІ= not centuries, and on all тхър!"