Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart one of the greatest in the world of composers. He was born in 1756, became known as the musician 7 years otrodu and has died also at very early age - 35 years, - having left a huge and various heritage.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-91) was born in the Austrian city of Salzburg, in foothills of the Alpes. About his father Leopold Mozart, known enough musician, quite often responded as about the stale person catching at any possibility to make profit of wonderful talents of the son. However, from Wolfgang's letters to the father it is visible that he quite felt fatherly care and caress, and early launch on tops of glory has not caused to it any tjagostej. At times Wolfgang behaved to arrogance is proud and is obstinate, but in his letters the soul of the person cultural and brought up appears.

Mozart's Early success

Mozart's Musical career has begun, neither it is a lot of nor a little, at the age of 7 years when his father has enclosed considerable means in the organisation of the European tour of the wonderful boy. Wandering and acting, Wolfgang has heard a lot of different music and has been presented known art workers, including I.-K.Bach, the son great Johann-Sebastjana Bach. Subsequently, when Mozart left an early age, its occurrence on a scene did not draw crowd of admirers how concerts of a children's time, Mozart's last tour in Paris (in 20 years) no success had. Additional problems have resulted from Mozart's conflict to the archbishop Salzburg, its basic customer and the employer. Mozart searched for new possibilities, but did not receive suitable invitations. His mother, Louise accompanying him in tour has soon died. On it of open-cast mine of the child prodigy formation of the mature composer has ended, has begun.

Years of a maturity

Though Mozart already in young years has written marvellously many operas, symphonies, tool concerts and the chamber products, all its masterpieces, brought to the composer unfading glory, have been created after an unsuccessful trip to Paris. In 1779 the first execution of its remarkable concert symphony for a violin, an alto and an orchestra has taken place. The order on opera seria (a serious opera) from court theatre in Munich at once follows. So has appeared "Ђфюьхэхщ" (1781) on the libretto of abbey Veresko. Novelty from which Mozart has approached to traditions of opera art, has brought to its music an original recognition.

The Success has generated desire to go to new tops and has simultaneously aggravated Mozart's bitterness from work in Salzburg where to its talent it became already close. After rough quarrel with the archbishop Mozart has been dismissed. The composer has aimed to subdue capital of empire Gabsburgov of that time - Vienna.

Mozart was not the first composer, which has decided to pass to free corn though to live on one fees, without the constant salary, was uneasy - as by then the composer has got the wife and children. Mozart and singer Konstantsija Weber have got married in 1782, to greater displeasure of the father of the composer. Despite constant and uncountable problems (basically financial character), Mozart has written great variety of excellent music. The first opera of the Viennese period - "¤ю§шЁхэшх from ёхЁры " - at once has brought to the composer tremendous success.

Four opera masterpieces

Mozart's Music differed vivacity and brilliantly perfected style which were wholly showed in it opera buffa (a comic opera) "гхэш=іср by Figаро". After success "Иш гаро" the order for one opera, this time - from Prague so in 1787 appears "-юэ гѕрэ" has arrived; - an opera basically comic, but with a number of the drama episodes which force had no equal in music of that time.

In 1790 statement of one more great opera has taken place, "Кръ arrive all цхэЁшэ№" on a little cynical and to incredibility the twirled plot about female insidiousness. Behind it, in 1791, has followed "-юы°хсэр  ¶ыхщ=р" an opera in German in balladnyh traditions zingshpilja, epic allegory on a theme of struggle of good and harm.

It seemed that affairs of the composer have started to recover, but Mozart suddenly dies, - most likely, from a nephritic infection. According to widely extended legend, Mozart at that time wrote the Requiem (a mass on deceased, accepted in Catholic church tradition) and has been meanly poisoned by the contender on a musical field, composer Salieri, but the facts confirming these guesses, no.