Michelangelo Buonarotti

Michelangelo one of the greatest artists of all times, whose unsurpassed genius has outstripped the epoch, having embodied in painting, a sculpture, architecture and poetry.

Michelangelo Buonarotti (1475-1564) was born in small town Kapreze in the Italian province Tuscany. Soon his family has moved to Florence, and small Michelangelo have brought to the wet nurse. So the boy began to be brought up in a family of the mason, and, probably, it was the destiny as subsequently Michelangelo asserted that in it since the childhood there lived love to a stone.

Since the earliest years it was drawn also by art, and after leaving school the young man becomes pupil Domeniko Girlandajo - the popular Florentine master of painting. Girlandajo Michelangelo has quickly noticed extraordinary endowments and in 1489 has sent it to study a sculpture under the direction of Bertoldo di Giovanni.

Soon Michelangelo has paid attention of Lorentso to abilities the Magnificent governor of Florence of that time. The young sculptor moves to live in Medici's palace where continues study. After death of the patron in 1492 Michelangelo comes back in a native home and with interest starts to study anatomy. It even receives the unusual privilege, the permission to anatomise corpses in one of premises of church of the Holy Spirit - in exchange for the carved wooden crucifixion executed by it for the prior.

Florence and Rome

These years in Florence it becomes restless. Savonarola and other preachers predict its falling. In 1494 the city is grasped by the French king Charles VIII, Michelangelo runs from Florence. In 1496 him invite to Rome where along with other works the master has modeled well-known "+яыръштрэшх +Ёшё=р" ("¤шх=р"). This amazing composition brings to it public glory, it proclaim the greatest sculptor of Italy - a rank which for life guaranteed Michelangelo prestigious, though quite often difficult orders.

Michelangelo comes back to Florence where in 1501-4 creates David's five-metre statue. In 1505 it is caused to Rome by Julia daddy II - the first of seven daddies, whose orders will be carried out by the artist. Julias Michelangelo charges work on the tomb. It should be the majestic monument more than with 40 sculptures. Michelangelo has spent eight months only for picking up a stone. The daddy first showed impatience, and then and has at all lost interest to the project.

severely disappointed Michelangelo leaves Rome, but it almost at once cause back to already more hospitable Julia which this time, has wished that the sculptor has embodied it in bronze. Hoping then to continue work on a tomb, Michelangelo has felt again disappointment when the daddy has again changed the decision and has charged it a list of the arch of the Sikstinsky chapel in Vatican. First Michelangelo objected, explaining that a brush - not its speciality, but the customer was unshakable, and the master has reluctantly started to work. Complexity and scale of a problem have soon grasped it, he has refused all assistants, having resolved to work alone. The list has taken four years (1508-12).

In 1527 power in Rome the emperor of Sacred Roman empire Charles V has grasped, Medicis have been expelled, and Michelangelo have charged to build defensive works. Without wishing charges in change, the artist in 1529 runs to Venice. With restoration of Klimenta VII on the Holy See Michelangelo comes back to work on Medici's tomb. After end of tombs of Dzhuliano and Lorentso de Medici in 1534 the artist for ever leaves Florence and moves to Rome where works over a list of an altar wall of the Sikstinsky chapel and creates a fresco "Р=Ёр°э№щ ёѕф" (1535-41).

the Protagonist - the person

Genius Michelangelo - in its absolute understanding of a human body and proportions of its reproduction. The Renaissance philosophy has put the person in the universe centre, having made it "ьхЁшыюь all тхЁхщ". Michelangelo has embodied humanistic representations about an epoch ideal - the perfect human person - in the art.

It was influenced by artist Mazachcho and sculptor Donatello, but the main source of inspiration always there was an antique sculpture.

A Variety of movements and gestures in its works testifies that Michelangelo has perfectly studied, as the human body functions.


Michelangelo always considered itself as the sculptor, even certain dimensions are inherent in its pictures. But he has devoted last 30 years of the life basically to architecture, and in this area its genius is so great.

Popes Replacing each other threw its orders to most known of which was erection of a cathedral of St. Peter in Rome (building has begun at Julia II in 1506). As well as in a case with the Sikstinsky chapel, Michelangelo first did not wish to undertake this order, but, eventually, has agreed. Unfortunately, the master did not manage to complete a cathedral - he has died on February, 18th, 1564.