rock music History

"…хчюсЁрчэр , vicious, губительная" - such epithets white America awarded new musical style – a rock'n'roll. But the next decades have shown that this direction originating in depth stories, - not a passing fashion, and musical culture of several generations.

Style "Ёюъ-э-Ёюыы" absorbed in itself elements both European, and the African culture, could appear only in America. Immigrants from the different countries Europe which have rushed in a New World in XVII-XVIII centuries, carried with themselves not only the music, but also tools. The musical traditions and the slaves delivered from Africa have kept, but in view of an interdiction for game for national tools they had to be content with singing and dances. Within next two centuries the coexistence of two musical cultures should lead to their mutual enrichment, despite prejudices, protests and attempts to protect them from each other. As a result of such evolution there was regtajm, a jazz, a swing and a blues. In due course the blues, characteristic for a countryside of southern states, has got on the north and into cities where evolved in a rhythm-and-blues - the forerunner of a rock'n'roll.

Music for teenagers

Like a jazz and a blues, the rhythm-and-blues was first black music and a white audience interested a little.

However after the Second World War was declared by a new social formation - teenagers. Having been satiated with music of the parents, white teenagers began to buy up without exception plates with rhythm end-blues compositions. To the beginning of 50th years of record of Maddi Uoterza, Reja Charlza, The Drifters and other executors of blueses and a rhythm-and-blues began to take in charts the top positions near to Eddi Fisher, Perr Komo and others "схчѕяЁхёэю схы№ьш" actors.

a rock'n'roll Birth

Rhythm end-blues compositions have started to execute and white among which there was a singer in style of the country and a western by name of Bill Hejli. In 1953 he has written down two-three things which have earlier become by hits of other musicians, including Crazy Man Crazy. Next year he has written down a disk with two songs: Thirteen Women and Rock Around the Clock. After that in its execution left Shake, Rattle and Roll, Mambo Rock and Birth of the Boogie. But, despite the name of last song ("рюцфхэшх bugi-vugи"), on light there was absolutely other child. As sang in one of the songs of Maddi Uoterz, "Ёш=ь and a blues have given birth to a crumb and named Ёюъ-э-Ёюыы".

Later song Rock Around the Clock has sounded in a film "Пъюыіэ№х джунгли". The picture had stunning success at the American and British teenagers. Its display at cinemas was accompanied by unprecedented scenes: teenagers broke out chairs in a hall as passes between numbers did not contain all wishing to dance. The song has entered into the American charts in May, 1954, and since July of the whole six weeks headed charts. Having held on in a rating of forty best songs ("Кюя-40") 24 weeks nineteen of which it entered in Top-10, the composition became one of eternal smash hits of pop. The youth knowing Hejli on its songs, has been very surprised by that its idol has appeared full-faced the pudge with the coquettish cop combed on a forehead. Trivial appearance, nevertheless, has not affected in any way unprecedented circulations of its plates.

In 1957 Hejli became the first rock musician from the USA which went on tour in Great Britain. After the arrival to London it could not make the way 20 minutes through crowd meeting it, and at a concert in "-юьшэшюэ-=шІ=Ё" its fans so have dispersed that some members of parliament even have tried to achieve the governmental interdiction for a rock'n'roll. In due course, of course, its songs have disappeared from hit parades, but by the time of the death in 1981 he has sold more than 60 million plates that, undoubtedly, testifies to its glory of a rock star of the first magnitude.

Classics of fate

Among other giants of an early epoch of a rock'n'roll was Littl Richard who has acted together with Hejli in Rock Around the Clock; Fets Dominoes - the executor of the rhythm-and-blues, beginning the pianist in novoorleanskom a bar for three dollars a week; Dzherri Li Lewis, which parents in 1949 have mortgaged the house to buy to the presented 16-year-old son of the piano. Seven years later Lewis with the father had to become for a while street dealers to raise money for a trip to Memphis for record of song Whole Lot of Shakin ' Coin ' On. Recognised today rock music classics, then this "тѕыі гарная" the song has got under an interdiction for the majority of radio stations. A label "тѕыі гарный" often glued and on the young man who has written down Rock Around the Clock one year prior to Hejli, but very small circulation. Three years later, after an exit in March, 1956 Hit Heartbreak Hotel, about it have exorcised all newspapers, and in a month of 40 million Americans have seen execution of this song on the TV. The youth has blazed at once to the singer with passionate love, and the senior generation responded about it not differently, as "ю=тЁр=ш=хыіэ№щ, яюЁюёэ№щ" "фхЁхтэ " "яючюЁ sorts человеческого" "ьрэі ъ with a dirty head of hear and dirty яхёэ ьш" "Ёрё=ыш=хыі ьюыюфхцш". Called its Elvis Presley.

In due course Elvis became the indisputable king of a rock'n'roll. In its repertoire there were many songs which by right are considered today as fate classics, including Jailhouse Rock, Hound Dog and All Shook Up, and ballads Love Me Tender and Can't Help Falling in Love. On films with its participation the people brought down crowds. When in 1977 Presley has died, to millions people, whose youthful years had on 50 and 60, and also it seemed to their children that with their idol the rock'n'roll has died also.

First on a platform and on regiments of shops gramzapisej on either side of ocean Americans dominated. In leaders of English charts went both Tommi Steel, and Kliff Richard, and Marti Uajld, but they had no special success in the USA where for a treasured place in charts such stars, as Baddi Holl, Eddi Kokrejn, Rej Charlz, Gin Vincent, Everly Brothers, Sam Cook, Danny and the Juniors, Whether the Brand and others competed.

New style

In the beginning 60 there was a new sensation when Chabbi Chekker has invited all to dance under The Twist and Let's Twist Again. Approximately at the same time charts the new style which was born in automobile heart (Motor Town) began to win Americas Detroit and received the name "motown". At popularity top have appeared The Supremes, The Temptations, Marvin Rej, The Miracles, Mary Wells and "¦ры№°" Stivi Uander. Subsequently Dajana Ross from The Supremes and Stivi Uander became a legend of the musical industry.

English fate

In two weeks after an exit in the USA a debut single of group The Supremes, Buttered Popcorn, the four of young men - John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Pit Best which have named group The Beatles, - has begun regular performances in the Liverpool club "-ртхЁэр".

A Year later, already after Besta were replaced with new drummer Ringo Starr, the group has written down song Love Me Do. After that left Please Please Me, She Loves You, I Wanna Hold Your Hand and variety of other songs which have become by hits.

In 1964 The Beatles have gone on tour to New York where they were met by thousand excited fans. The sixtieth years have passed under the badge of undivided domination "сш=ыют" and in due course, having sold more than billion plates and cartridges, they became the most popular group of all times and the people. An influential musical weekly journal "рюыышэ g ё=юѕэ" wrote that "чтѕёрэшх The Beatles combines Chaka of Berry and Littl Richard, Elvis and the country-fate, vocal harmony from duvopa to Everly Brothers and Beach Boys, Baddi Holl's romanticism and sladenky the priest for senior pupils of Fila Ряхъ=юЁр".

The Beatles have quickly headed a rating of the Liverpool stars where entered and Gerry and The Pacemakers, Freddy and the Dreamers. Billy J. Kramer and The Dakotas and Silla Blek. The British fate has taken hold of the world thanking The Rolling Stones, The Yard birds. The Hollies, The Searchers, The Kinks and to other giants who were in the lead in charts on either side of Atlantic.

an epoch Decline

In 1970 The Beatles have broken up and began to work one by one. Contrary to hearings, they so never also have not acted together. Their solo albums and so perfectly were on sale. In 1980 in New York the maniac had been shot John Lennon. As well as Presley's death, its  destruction became the beginning of the end of an epoch for the whole generation.

Partly, the secret of enormous success The Beatles consisted that their lyrical and melodic ballads were grew fond to parents of the teenagers who were going crazy under their louder rokovyj bit.

The Rolling Stones - other well-known British rock group competing on popularity with The Beatles, - was not a success at all at generation of parents. Thanks to rigid and to sounding sometimes cutting an ear, these long-livers of fate acting already almost of 40 years, personified a rock'n'roll for millions teenagers. It concerned and group The Who based by Roger Doltri, Pitom Taunsendom and John Entuistlom in 1962 Their violent and often obscene tricks, both on a scene, and in a life caused categorical condemnation of the senior generation.

Today in a rock group two solo guitars, a bass guitar, shock more often play, is frequent - keyboard, and sometimes and wind instruments, especially a saxophone. More and more perfect technologies of a sound recording and electronic means allow present executors to achieve improbably volume sounding and tremendous effects not only in studio, but also at concerts. Among pioneers of application of these effects were and The Beatles.

Progressive fate

The Rock music, different skill and complexity of execution and intended is more for hearing, than for dance, has received the name "яЁю gressivnyj Ёюъ". Compositions Pink Floyd, Genesis and others "яЁю грессистов" amazed with virtuosity of execution, riches of sounding and dramatic nature. Often their concerts turned to bright show with a fantastic play of light and a sound.

Other groups, in particular Cream, preferred not to complicate the music, relying mainly on improbably high technics of game in the long, sated and loud improvisations. This direction has generated in due course the new style named "§Ітш-ьх=рыы" in which the leading party is played, as a rule, by an electroguitar, as, for example, in compositions Led Zeppelin.

Pank fate

The pank fate (punk - in English "Ётрэі" became One more branch of a genre; "§ѕыш ганье") - much more rectilinear and plain, but so deafening. Groups The Clash and Sex Pistols enjoyed the person popularity at pankovskih groupings and an unanimous antipathy at their parents. Some of pioneers of a rock'n'roll already are not present in the live. Many groups which have begun the whole directions and styles, have broken up for a long time. But their music lives in record. Continuously giving rise to new stars and new sounding, the rock'n'roll continues to make essential impact on all modern music.

The Pop which does not have strongly pronounced stylistic okrashennosti, basically scoops the elements from other styles - soul, folk, the country and a western, trying to please all thus.