History of world art

Masterpieces of the human genius are reflexions of the deep tendencies occurring in a society. Actually, authors of imperishable products as people of the special spiritual constitution, natures sensitive, cannot indifferently observe the internal processes occurring in a society - and splash out an emotional echo in the creations. Art is only unbiassed mirror of a reality reflecting all details and the phenomena with an amazing sharpness. The history of development of art displays history of development of mankind.

Development of world art, as well as separately taken countries and nationalities, goes, as it is known, not only on a spiral, but also is sinusoidal. We will consider it on examples of the several periods of launches and culture falling. We will begin with most ancient of kinds of painting known to us - petroglyphic. At first primitive artists tried to represent a harmony of a constitution of hunters and animals, grace of movement, using technologies available at their order and materials.

Sometimes they managed to transfer it it is thin enough. Then there comes the moment when almost graceful forms are replaced by any ridiculous points, hyphens and flourishes. What is it? Sudden dullness of mankind? At all is not present. Simply from contemplation of external beauty surrounding painters have passed to comprehension of the world internal, to judgement of the spiritual processes occurring in the world and in them. Art becomes more symbolical, the reality is perceived as symbols of the higher, the Divine.

The Mankind tries to know God, realise itself and own mission. Through symbols people perceive interrelation of spirit, soul and a body. During the same time dances, theatre, primitive philosophy arise. New tendencies in art, recessions or its falling become the original indicator of universal progress or recourse during the given concrete period of time.

The Ancient Greece from its unsurpassed beauty statues, epic poems of the Homere (or several Gomerov - till now it is not known for certain, whether the blind singer indeed took place to be in the history of the Greek literature, whether its role have played some co-authors-contemporaries of the poet), tragedies of Sofokla, Aristotle's philosophy. And along with art perfection bright contrast - universal revelry, the homosexuality erected in a rank of a state policy. Blossoming of the Greek art became its decline - the state, having drowned spirituality in defects, could not protect itself from invasion of barbarians physically.

Barbarians - the Romans who have grasped unknown for those times values, necessarily admiring alien culture, joining another's education, have adopted at Greeks their art manner and, finally, the political and economic strategy which considerably have affected development of the country. The strict discipline in army and in the country as a whole was gradually replaced by delightful idleness, luxury and libertinism, senseless massacre on arenas of circuses added adrenaline in a quiet current of blood of the Roman citizens, conquerors of the world. Renaissance, the Golden Age of the Italian art, became direct revival of antiquity, having repeated all its defects. Italy hands over political positions, the same as in due time its former spiritual instructor.

The Middle Ages Period. At this particular time, Ieronim Bosch created the cloths in the Netherlands. The small town where he was born and has lived, without leaving, differed a quiet measured tide of life. Governors of the country, Gabsburgi, "Ёшьёъшх шьяхЁр=юЁ№" and proteges of the Roman empire, have provided to themselves and citizens the late existence.

The Artist wrote mrachnovatye, full allegories and sarcasm of a picture, practically all of them force spectators to reflect on secret, spiritual sense of life. Modern to it the Netherlands painters writing in a manner of the Dutch school, displayed a material reality as - as if life exists in the form of any purgatory.

The Great Rembrandt who for a short while has endured Bosch, being the person extremely religious, even in external beauty of a human body revealed its deep spiritual essence. In own self-portraits written in the end of a life, the author as if tries to open own characteristic features. The consciousness of mankind to vary from syncretic (Bosch as the bright representative), to dualisticheskomu, to branch "Іую" from external world displays.

That was in ancient times. We will try to consider years closer to us. We will address by the end of the nineteenth - to the twentieth century beginning. On a boundary of centuries there were tendencies of development of antiart, artists installed, destroyed traditional means of the image of the world. Kandinsky, Picasso, Malevich became founders of antiforms in the fine arts. Well-known "ОхЁэ№щ ътрфЁр=" Malevich - a childish prank near to Kandinsky and Picasso's works.

Mediocre enough in the beginning of a creative way the artist El Salvador Have given only unique working capacity and excessive epotazhnostju (he considered that should recollect it daily, not important what exactly will become the cause for conversations) has got popularity among judges of the fine arts.

In the middle-end of the twentieth century art installation accrues. The cutting of pictures, pouring out and mixing of paints on a canvas become more and more popular technicians of attraction to itself of spectator interest. And, at last, today the fine arts are gradually substituted for art virtual - computer technologies take root into consciousness of people, doing art more and more technological.

At the same time the quantity of again constructed temples, cathedrals, mosques especially grows in the world and in Russia, the gain of religious faiths increases. Opposition between Christianity and Islam reaches apogee not only on morally-ethical, but also at physical level. The world enters a time of satisfaction, saturation that then again gradually to come nearer to a satiety.

In the modern literature irreality and fabulousness give way quiet opisatelnosti events, time of thin ironicalness. And even the sensational world celebrity, the Russian fantast Sergey Lukyanenko departs from a typical fantasy. Its absolutely unreal first novels and stories "-рсшЁшэ= ю=Ёрцхэшщ" "-шэш  уЁ©ч" "+рфцх=" are replaced by a fantasy-hint full of household, habitual subjects and images and even of typical natures in which it is possible to learn easily people surrounding us day by day ("Ряхъ=Ё" "-юёэющ, фючюЁ",а "-эхтэющ фючюЁ" "¤юёыхфэшщ фючюЁ" "ОхЁэютшъ"). The so-called female ironical detective enters Into a fashion.

So, the best, apparently, creations of the human genius arise at the time of rotting and spirit disintegration when material, corporal values move to the forefront. The imperishable masterpieces created by the greatest authors, reflect depth of falling of a society in a debauchery chasm.

Here before you the art history in all its convincing impartiality will appear. Before the thoughtful spectator the mankind world history, all defects of his soul and top of its spiritual riches Here reveals.